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 Thanksgiving in Israel 

Save the Date : 24/11/2022

Hey Expats!

With Turkey Day right around the corner, and after all the amazing feedback after last year's Thanksgiving dinner, I'm excited to once again offer my special Thanksgiving feast! So if you're longing to get into the Thanksgiving spirit and celebrate with friends and family I've got you!

How does it work?

Simply place your order through here or via phone : 0507123478 and let me know how many people you will be.

Skip the cooking and get your complete Thanksgiving feast this next Thursday 24/11 available for either pick up or delivery.

I'll be taking orders until next Tuesday and have a limited # of meals that I can prepare.

Happy almost Turkey Day!


 :Placing my order

*Orders can be placed through here or via phone:

050-7123478 until Tuesday 22/11

*Everything on the menu is included in the order ;

the amounts are fitted to the number of guests.

*Your meal will arrive packaged with

simple reheating instructions.

*Delivery and Pickup options


*Price: 200 NIS per person


Sliced Turkey - Basted and cooked to perfection

Country Gravy - to warm your heart

Old School Stuffing - Herbs and Spices

Mashed Potatoes - American Style

Green Beans - Garlic Confit Vinaigrette

Candied Sweet Potato - Seasoned Herbs

Quinoa Salad - Parsley and Dried Cranberries

Cranberry Sauce - Cardamom

Pumpkin Pie - Whipped Cream

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